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I spearheaded the complete rebranding of Balipalm to Repflix, encompassing the corporate brand overhaul, store redesign, and website optimization. My goal was to transform the brand identity to resonate with our target audience, enhance the online shopping experience, and optimize the website for exceptional search engine performance and conversion rates.


      • Rebranding: The comprehensive rebranding of Balipalm to Repflix involved a strategic overhaul of the brand identity, including logo, brand messaging, and visual elements.

      • Website Development: Developing an engaging, user-friendly website from the ground up to reflect the new Repflix brand was a significant challenge.

      • SEO Optimization: Elevating the website to achieve a first-place ranking on Google for 10 relevant keywords required in-depth SEO strategies and execution.

      • Conversion Optimization: Designing the website to effectively convert visitors into paying customers was crucial.


    Solutions and Implementation


        • Developed a new brand identity for Repflix, including logo design, brand messaging, and visual elements, to ensure a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

        • Redesigned the physical store layout and aesthetics to align with the new branding, enhancing the in-store customer experience.

      Website Development

          • Initiated the project with detailed planning and wireframing to define the website’s functionality and design, ensuring alignment with the new Repflix brand identity.

          • Built a responsive and user-centric website, incorporating the latest design trends to represent the Repflix brand effectively.

        SEO Optimization

            • Conducted thorough keyword research to pinpoint the most relevant keywords for Repflix.

            • Implemented on-page SEO optimizations, refining meta-tags, URL structure, and content to boost search engine rankings.

            • Developed a robust backlink strategy to enhance the website’s authority and search engine visibility.

          Conversion Optimization

              • Utilized A/B testing to identify the most compelling call-to-action elements and website layouts that drive conversions.

              • Refined the checkout process to ensure a seamless purchasing experience for customers.

            • Integrated engaging product descriptions and high-quality images to build trust and persuade potential customers.


            The comprehensive rebranding and website optimization efforts led to remarkable achievements for Repflix:

                • Brand Transformation: Successfully repositioned the Balipalm brand into Repflix, creating a strong, appealing brand identity that resonated with the target audience.

                • SEO Success: Secured a first-place ranking on Google for 10 targeted keywords, significantly enhancing online visibility.

                • Conversion Increase: Achieved a 25% increase in the conversion rate, effectively turning a greater number of visitors into paying customers.

                • Revenue Growth: Witnessed a 30% increase in revenue following the rebranding and optimization efforts, indicating a positive impact on the bottom line.

              The rebranding from Balipalm to Repflix, coupled with the strategic website and store optimization, showcases my comprehensive skill set in branding, web development, and digital marketing, resulting in a cohesive and successful brand transformation.

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