Snatch: Launching a Swiss Gen-Z Marketplace

Project Overview

  • Title: Launching a Swiss Gen-Z Marketplace
  • Date/Duration: 2022 to Present
  • Role: Founder and Project Leader
  • Objective: Our mission is to establish a dynamic live shopping marketplace tailored for Swiss Generation Z, drawing inspiration from eCommerce giants like TEMU and Shein.
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Context and Challenge

  • Problem Statement: We are committed to revitalizing the shopping experience to cater to the desires of the younger generation for an engaging and interactive online platform.
  • Target Audience: Swiss Generation Z shoppers are our primary focus, aiming to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Process and Implementation

  • Approach: Employing a lean startup methodology, we rapidly progressed from ideation to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and onwards to achieving product-market fit. We initially launched a customized Shopify platform to quickly engage with users and gather invaluable feedback. This iterative process informed the simultaneous development of our proprietary technology stack.

  • Tools & Technologies:

    • Web: Customized Shopify platform, personally developed
    • App: Developed using PHP and JavaScript, incorporating Tencent SDKs for live streaming, supported by AWS EC2 servers, along with Apple and Google SDKs for app functionality.

  • Challenges Overcome: Facing the high costs and lengthy timelines associated with European development, we opted for international development teams, acquiring superior solutions at a fraction of the local cost and significantly faster. To address the inherent challenge of a two-sided marketplace, we established a partnership with Alibaba Group, alleviating supply-side concerns and allowing us to concentrate on customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Results and Impact

  • Outcomes: Successful MVP validation, development of a functional technical product, positive customer feedback, and achievement of product-market fit.

  • Quantifiable Achievements:
    • Developed the complete software suite at just 10% of the local quoted costs and six months ahead of schedule.
    • Achieved product-market fit within six months.
    • Forged a strategic partnership with Alibaba Group for supply chain integration and technological support.
    • Optimized Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) from an anticipated CHF 20 to an effective rate below CHF 14 through targeted campaigns and conversion optimization strategies.

Lessons Learned and Reflection

  • Insights: Rapid market validation is crucial. Moving swiftly to market engagement allows for real customer feedback, which is invaluable. Developing the final product in tandem with customer needs ensures a customer-centric business model.
  • Future Considerations: Our forthcoming focus will be on intensifying marketing efforts, establishing our brand presence, and navigating the growth phase successfully.

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