Corona Pandamic -Establishing a Covid Test Center

In response to the global pandemic, I took on the challenge of building a complete Covid Test Center from the ground up. My responsibilities encompassed creating the branding, developing the web presence with online appointment booking capabilities, and automating result certification through a custom dashboard integrated with the Swiss Government API.



      • Rapid Deployment: The urgent need for testing services required the test center to be operational in a very short timeframe.

      • Digital Infrastructure: Developing a user-friendly web platform that could handle appointment bookings and automate the certification process.

    • Health Regulations Compliance: Ensuring the test center and its operations complied with all health and safety regulations set by the Swiss Government.

    Solutions and Implementation

    Branding and Web Presence

        • Designed a strong brand identity for the test center, which was crucial for trust and recognition in the community.

        • Developed a comprehensive website that allowed users to easily book appointments and access information about the testing process.

      Appointment Booking System

          • Implemented an online booking system that managed appointments efficiently, reducing wait times and streamlining the testing process.

        Automation and Integration

            • Created a custom dashboard that automated the generation and distribution of test results and certificates, utilizing the Swiss Government API for official certification.

            • This automation significantly enhanced operational efficiency and ensured timely communication with customers.

          Operational Execution

              • Opened the test center within a month, complete with all necessary equipment and protocols in place.

            • Recruited and trained a team of 5 employees to conduct the testing, ensuring high standards of safety and professionalism.


            The Covid Test Center was a significant success, marked by several key achievements:

                • Operational Efficiency: Launched a fully functional test center within an incredibly short timeframe, demonstrating exceptional project management and execution skills.

                • Customer Volume: Successfully tested over 10,000 customers in the first year, contributing significantly to the community’s health and safety during the pandemic.

                • Service Automation: The integration of the Swiss Government API for certificate creation and the automation of result distribution set new standards in efficiency and customer service within the testing center domain.

              The establishment of the Covid Test Center under my leadership not only served an essential community health function during a critical time but also showcased my ability to rapidly deploy a complex service operation, integrating technology and healthcare compliance seamlessly.

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