Founding and Growing Andline AG

In 2015, I founded Andline AG with a clear vision to establish an omnichannel distribution hub for lifestyle products, electronics, and telecom products. Catering to diverse market segments, Andline AG operated under three distinct brands: the B2C online shop Andbox, the B2B online shop Andline, and the retail concept Fix&Go.


Project Overview


      • Objective: To create a versatile and online-focused distribution center serving both B2B and B2C segments with an extensive range of products.

      • Role: Founder and Strategic Leader

      • Achievements:


          • Secured fundraising of over 500K to kickstart the venture.

          • Established the headquarters with a 500sqm warehouse, a fulfillment center, and 200sqm of office space.

          • Developed the company’s main website and two e-commerce stores.

          • Opened a strategically located store in Basel’s main station.

        • Acquired over 130 B2B customers and attracted 50K+ B2C customers in the first two years through innovative marketing and growth strategies.

      Challenges and Solutions

      Administrative Efficiency in Rapid Growth


          • Challenge: Managing the administrative workload efficiently during rapid expansion.

          • Solution: Implemented streamlined administrative processes and advanced management software to handle the increased operational scale.

        B2B Customer Credit Management


            • Challenge: Offering 30-day payment terms to B2B customers necessitated a robust system to assess customer creditworthiness and manage receivables.

            • Solution: Developed a comprehensive credit check system and an organized dunning process to mitigate financial risks and maintain healthy cash flows.

          Liquidity Management


              • Challenge: Maintaining liquidity while managing upfront payments for supplies against delayed receivables from customers.

            • Solution: Partnered with financial service providers like Advanon to secure advance liquidity, ensuring smooth operational cash flow and financial stability.


            Through strategic leadership and innovative approaches, Andline AG achieved remarkable growth and market penetration:


                • Operational Expansion: Successfully managed and opened a large-scale headquarters, complete with warehouse and office spaces, supporting the company’s logistical and administrative needs.

                • Market Impact: Effectively penetrated the market, securing a substantial B2B customer base and a rapidly growing B2C segment through targeted online shops and a physical retail presence.

                • Financial Growth: The initial fundraising and subsequent revenue generation through effective sales strategies and liquidity management laid a solid foundation for the company’s financial health.

              • Partial Exit: In 2017, I successfully executed a partial exit from Andline AG, demonstrating the company’s value and the success of the business model.

              The journey of Andline AG from its inception to a recognized player in the distribution of lifestyle and tech products exemplifies strategic foresight, operational excellence, and innovative market approaches, establishing a sustainable business model in a competitive landscape.

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