Strategic Leadership at Innocit GmbH

As CEO of Innocit GmbH, I was entrusted with the comprehensive management of the company and its retail arm, Cityphone stores. Innocit GmbH operated as a retail chain with a focus on telecommunications products and services, boasting a total of 4 stores across Western Switzerland.


Project Overview


      • Objective: To spearhead the expansion, digital transformation, and revenue growth of Innocit GmbH while overseeing the operations of Cityphone retail outlets.

      • Role: CEO and Operational Leader

      • Responsibilities:


            • Full company oversight, including strategic direction and daily operations.

            • Management and support of 40 employees across various functions.

            • Leadership in the company’s rebranding efforts and the establishment of a digital presence.




          • Store Expansion: Successfully opened 3 additional stores, expanding the retail footprint of Innocit GmbH and enhancing brand visibility and accessibility in strategic locations.

          • Digital Presence: Spearheaded the development of the company’s digital infrastructure, including an e-commerce platform, to establish online sales channels, thereby broadening the customer base and sales opportunities.

          • Revenue Growth: Through strategic initiatives and effective management, I increased the company’s annual revenue to CHF 2 million, marking significant financial growth.


        Challenges and Solutions

        Expansion and Brand Visibility


            • Challenge: Expanding the retail chain while maintaining brand consistency and high service quality.

            • Solution: Implemented rigorous training programs for new staff and ensured brand values were deeply ingrained across all levels of the organization. Store locations were carefully selected to maximize market reach and customer convenience.

          Digital Transformation


              • Challenge: Establishing a robust online presence and sales channel in a predominantly brick-and-mortar business model.

              • Solution: Developed a comprehensive digital strategy that included the launch of an e-commerce website, social media engagement, and online marketing campaigns to attract online shoppers and provide omnichannel service to our customers.

            Revenue Growth and Market Penetration


                • Challenge: Enhancing revenue streams amidst a competitive telco retail market.

                • Solution: Diversified product offerings and introduced value-added services to differentiate from competitors. Implemented targeted marketing strategies to attract and retain customers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.



              Under my leadership as CEO, Innocit GmbH achieved remarkable milestones:


                  • Operational Expansion: The addition of 3 new stores significantly increased the brand’s market presence and accessibility to customers in Western Switzerland.

                  • Digital Innovation: The establishment of a digital sales channel not only modernized the business but also contributed to a broader customer reach and a more diverse revenue stream.

                • Financial Growth: The strategic initiatives implemented across the company led to a substantial increase in annual revenue, reaching CHF 2 million and setting a solid foundation for future growth.

                My tenure at Innocit GmbH was marked by strategic foresight, innovative digital transformation, and a commitment to operational excellence, driving the company to new heights in the competitive telecommunications retail sector.

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